…about Ajeeb’s new album ‘Refractions’

A couple of weeks ago we shared with you all the exciting news that we were going to be behind the new album of Canary Islands power trio Ajeeb… Well, today we’ll give you some details…

We asked the guys about their new stuff and this is what they told us:

‘Refractions’ smells like alternative rock with high doses of fuzz and reverb. These 11 songs represent a true twist on our debut ‘Toss and Turn’ and a new beginning after an extremely complex moment that we were going through… From the lyrics themselves to the way the songs were written, and even the simple fact of recording it completely in analogue, we had the objective to capture our purest and most direct essence. We intend to show the changes that take place around us end up transforming us and forcing us to evolve from one way or another, depending on the perspective from which you look at it and how we interpret them. ‘Refractions’ is an album to be listened loud, letting yourself be carried away by the different moods you’ll get into.

Ajeeb‘s second studio album will be out on 29th March via Spinda Records, in collaboration with Violence In The Veins, Quebranta Records, Noizeland Records, Hey Boy Hey Girl, Bandera Records, Naife, Hombre Montaña, Clever Eagle Records and The Ghost Is Clear Records, with an impressive artwork by The Braves Church, based on photographies by Sara GDM and Petr Novák.

And it will come on three limited editions:

  • 300x vinyl records (150x black + 150 clear)
  • 100x compact disc
  • 50x cassettes


  • Hollowed Out
  • Far Enough
  • Mustard Surfing
  • Mold
  • Uneven
  • Oh Well
  • Amnesia
  • Slow-vakia
  • Stuck For Decades
  • Double Somersault
  • Tail Chasing