Spinda Records was founded in November 2017 by Berto Cáceres for the sole purpose of feeling good and giving to music what music had giving him over the years. Sounds crazy, right? It is, and that’s why it’s so fucking awesome!

At the beginning a bunch of insane friends gave us everything we could ever imagine… They know who they are, but maybe you don’t, so here are some names: José (Grajo, Stab Design), Pepe (Fuzz T-shirts), Pablo (Penkorama), Nano, Christ O. (The Dry Mouths, Aneurisma Records), Manuel J. González Florit (“Hijos del desierto“), Alex (Nooirax Producciones), Sandri (Atavismo, Híbrido), Poti (Viaje a 800, Atavismo, Híbrido), Kantz (The Braves Church), Paco (Pub Kiss), Saritah…

Based in La Línea, a small town in the South of Spain where nothing good usually happens, this one-man indie label focuses on the deepest underground rock music in Andalusia. But we’ve been known to fall in love with bands from all over Spain and beyond… Spinda Records has no boundaries. We love fuzz, noise, screams and melodies.

Along our journey so far we’ve discovered a few great bands and now we can look back on a slowly, but always-increasing, roster of bands joining our family; the Spinda Records Family. And we’re so proud of all of them! Check out our releases section and get ready to blow your mind…

Now we also help out some Spanish and European friends spreading the word about their labels throughout Spain. We’re currently working together with Stickman Records, Blues Funeral Recordings, Heavy Psych Sounds, Kozmik Artifactz, Adansonia Records, SUB POP, Lay Bare Recordings, Guruguru Brain, Temple of Torturous and DHU Records to bring you the best alternative music.

In 2019 we took an additional step starting up both Spinda Sessions and Spinda Fest to support and promote our bands even more…

From our beginnings we’ve grown into a small but important part of the Andalusian underground music scene, together with lots of nice people making noise. Welcome to #AndalusianNoise!

And remember: never stop spinning the black circle!