It’s been a long time since Spanish heavy psych rockers Acid Mess released ‘II‘ – five years to be precise. But they are back and with a brand new album called ‘Sangre de otros mundos‘, to be released at some point in 2020 by indie label Spinda Records.

Five years has been enough time for the band members to re-define once again how they understand music, which is not something new to be honest as they like experimenting and expanding their sound on each new release.

Deep influence by Sabbath, they go a bit further including latin rythms, folk, garage, punk rock, kraut, 70s prog and lots of new psychedelia on their new tracks

Acid Mess by © Ossobuco

For this new album Acid Mess joins Spanish indie label Spinda Records, well known for releases by Moura, Viaje a 800, Bourbon, Híbrido, Rosy Finch, Sageness, Surya, The Dry Mouths… 

During the summer we will be sharing with you all the details about Acid Mess‘ new album, including artwork, track-list, singles, pre-order and release date, so please be patient and stay tuned. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

In the meantime you can enjoy an alternative version of the track “Hechicera“, recorded during Covid-19 isolation weeks with mobile devices. This track will be part of ‘Sangre de otros mundos‘ so we hope you like it!