Under Andalusian Noise tag we refer to everyone in the music industry who is making some noise to keep it alive. From producers to bands, designers, photographers, labels, blogs, magazines, venues, festivals, technicians, record shops… everybody basically! That’s why we use #andalusiannoise when posting on Social Media if we talk about stuff made in Andalusia – it’s that simple and you should start doing it if that’s not the case. It’s about creating awareness of what we do, of what WE LOVE!

To celebrate that we’ve using this tag for over 2 years now, we contacted local designer Anastasio at Revelation Studio (Seville, Spain) and he came up with this awesome t-shirts and tote bag, so we all can spread the word of Andalusian Noise!

Check them out and if you fancy get some merchandising on our shop. Please note that this is a pre-order and nothing will be shipped until 25th June 2020. Pre-order runs from 14th May to 14 June 2020.