Bones of Minerva & Rosy Finch on distribution

Our friends at Aloud Music, LaRubiaProducciones, Discos Macarras & Lay Bare Recordings are some of those European labels putting out brilliant albums every now and then, and this year they’re smashing it with Bones of Minerva and Rosy Finch latest releases, which are now available also on our distro.

Buy Bones of Minerva – ‘Embers’ Buy Rosy Finch – ‘Seconda Morte’

Embers‘ by Bones of Minerva comes on two editions: classic black vinyl and CD digipack.

Seconda Morte‘ by Rosy Finch comes on three editions: classic black vinyl, splatter vinyl and CD digipack.

We took the chance to get some more reissues from their back-catalogue such as ‘Ulises‘ by Viva Belgrado and ‘Blue Mountain‘ by Bones of Minerva (black LP).

Buy Viva Belgrado – ‘Ulisees’ Buy Bones of Minerva – ‘Blue Mountain’