From sunny Alicante (Spain) it’s a pleassure for Spinda Records to have the greatest 21st Century punk quartet joining our label for their debut album.

The band’s sound is clearly influenced by late 90s hardcore although a bit more focused on intensity rather than speed. Cemënteri has come up with something pretty fresh; post-hardcore and post-punk go together on this 25-minute album.

‘Asma, Corte, Afonía, Pisotón’ will be released on 1st May 2020 although singles “Minimal Dilema” and “Kurtinaitis” are out so you can give them a go on our Bandcamp if you wish.

Pre-order is also ready here.

Limited to 50 copies worldwide (released by Spinda Records)

Limited to 200 copies worldwide (released by Nooirax Producciones, Odio Sonoro, Plug In The Gear, Quebranta Records and The Braves Records)