Cró! band goes on an infinite hiatus

We woke up yesterday with a very sad new: Cró! band goes on an indefinite hiatus. These are difficult decisions, but sometimes it’s necessary to take them in order to feel better.

Here at Spinda Records we’ll be always grateful to our short but intense journey together, with endless talks on the phone, a single featured in our compilation boxset ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.’ and a last album ‘Buah!’ which was their return after 5 years of silence when they released ‘Mounstros’.

Very few bands are as special as Cró!. Our basement remains open in case they feel like picking up where they stop in the future.

We are fine but we are going to stop indefinitely, to be better. We say goodbye with these last 3 concerts, thank you for these wonderful years.


Last chance to see Cró! live:

08/12 @ Krazzy Kray (Cambados, SP)
09/12 @ Dabadaba (San Sebastián, SP)
10/12 @ La Faena II (Madrid, SP)