Details on Fin del Mundo new album

We fell in love with Fin del Mundo as soon as we watched their live session for KEXP for the first time. We contacted them, they told us about their plans, and here we are a few months later about to release ‘Todo va hacia el mar‘, a compilation album including their previous two digital EPs: the self-titled (2020) and ‘La ciudad que dejamos‘ (2022).

It’s been a slow-cooking process, done with lots of love and dedication as their mix of post-rock, shoegaze and indie rock requires. Back in June we presented the band in society over here in Europe – working together with La Mota Comunicación (the guys behind the PR for Canela Party, Monkey Week/end, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba and many more interesting artists) with the single “El próximo verano“. And the wait is nearly over as the album will be out on 3rd November via Spinda Records, with the double-single “La noche / El fin del mundo” (both extracted from their self-titled EP) and the album pre-order coming out on 8th September.

It’s a fact that the hype around this band is getting bigger and bigger (the other day their live session at KEXP reached 1 million views in less than 9 months – and trust us when we tell you that it’s not easy at all for an independent band to do that), but their music speaks for its own as not too many bands are capable to make you feel what they manage to do with only 8 tracks out there.

Todo va hacia el mar‘ will be available on 3rd November on digital, compact disc and vinyl (and probably on cassette too – in about a week you’ll find out) and a few weeks later they will be touring Europe for the very first time, with several stops in Spain, including showcases at Alhambra Monkey Week in Seville, thanks to INAMU (Argentina), La Novena Escena (Spain), Annibale (Italy) and their international booking agency Brain Productions (Brazil).

More news very soon… Stay tuned!

Release date: 3rd November 2023

Pre-order: 8th September 2023

Track-list de ‘Todo va hacia el mar’:

  • La noche
  • Las flores
  • La distancia
  • El fin del mundo
  • Hacia los bosques
  • El próximo verano
  • Desvelo
  • El incendio