DLCALT #imágenessinnombre

On Wednesday this week Andalusian alt rockers De La Cuna A La Tumba posted on Facebook and Instagram the below – everybody got extremely excited as the last post dated from December 2017.

The band was formed at the end of 2014 between Málaga and Sevilla by Juan Soler “Kantz” (ex-Tenpel, Habitar La Mar) and all three members of Spanish band Catorce (Jaime Ladrón de Guevara, José Miguel Ocón and Luis Manuel Terán).

In 2016 the band released a self-titled debut album and started touring Spain right away, having an impressive sold out at Sala Sirocco in Madrid. A year after, in 2017 they released their second album ‘[algo sin nombre]‘ together with DVD ‘[Cenizas y Cintas de Vídeo]‘, live tracks recorded between the two albums. In a very short time, De La Cuna A La Tumba became a huge success in Spain with their mix of post-hardcore, alternative rock and metal; there are no doubts they needed just two albums to show their full potential.

In December 2017, once the tour was finished, the band entered into a hiatus and this is the first thing they’ve said since then. What is it? We do know but you will need to wait a little bit longer to know all the details of whatever the band is working on together with Spinda Records (Viaje a 800, Híbrido, Moura, Bourbon, Rosy Finch…) and The Braves Records (Catorce, Habitar La Mar, Trees Will Tell, Adrift, Le Temps Du Loup…).

If you haven’t listened to their music yet, please do a favor to yourself and play their music ASAP – you’ll f*****g love it!