Enjoy Gambardella’s new album ‘Caracas’

Caracas‘, the new studio album by the progressive jazz-rock and psychedelia band Gambardella is out today! And it’s coming out on both digital and on a limited-to-300-copies vinyl edition through Spinda Records, Gándula, Error! Music and Aloud Music.

This new album has been preceeded by the singles “Valencia Mutante” and “Ascensiones“, which were accompained by live videos recorded at Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) during an action by cultural project Atles Sonor Meridiana, in which the band collaborated with the BitLab.

Caracas‘ was recorded live at Wheelsound Studio by Txosse Ruiz; mixed at Wave Factory Studio by Víctor Teller; and mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava by Víctor García.


1. Ascensiones
2. Ra
3. Valencia Mutante
4. Viva la numeración
5. Juanismo
6. Valldaura
7. Lo Balty
8. Marqués Coscolín