Enjoy Mía Turbia’s new album ‘El Camino’

One of the most addictive albums of 2022 is out now! We couldn’t wait to put it out, as we’ve been after Mía Turbia since the band was formed back in 2017. Seriously, there are not many albums out there in which you can say that each track is a single… This is one of those and you should give it a go ASAP. Trust us, the way they mix psychedelia and space rock with garage, indie and pop vocal melodies is simply brilliant. You only need to play one of the singles “Libre“, “Devorador de mundos“, “Dímelo” o “Buenamuerte“.

It is coming in both digital and vinyl record, limited to 250 copies and thanks to the co-edition between Spinda Records, our friends at Gato Encerrado Records and the new label Nacimiento Records.

The album was recorded between 2019 and 2020, with the group’s own drummer, Miguel Ortega, taking charge of the mix in 2021. The mastering was done by Mario G. Alberni at Kadifornia Mastering that same year.


  1. Libre
  2. Dímelo
  3. Buenamuerte
  4. Devorador de mundos
  5. Radiación cósmica
  6. Están vivos
  7. Realidad lejana
  8. El camino