Everything about Loma Baja’s debut album

There are times when musicians with a long history behind them need to write music without restricting themselves, for the simple fact of letting what they have inside flow, forgetting their past and who they are. The idea of ​​going back to basics and playing around with automatic writing can always lead you into unfamiliar territory.

That is precisely what Pacomoto (G.A.S. Drummers), Jorge García (Adrift, El Páramo), Víctor Teixeira (Giganto, Another Kind Of Dead) and Raúl Lorenzo (Sou Edipo) must have thought when they decided to lock themselves in the rehearsal room at some point in 2020 and start writing songs without any preconceived idea, except to experiment.

The result of those two years of experimentation by Loma Baja is ‘Piscinas Verticales‘, an album whose concept goes around the idea of ​​the spontaneous and surreal, as if it were the soundtrack of your worst nightmare. Their sound goes beyond music genres -it’s post-everything-, although you can see some similarities with bands like Beak, Portishead, Fugazi, True Widow or Liars.


artwork by Bol Estudio

‘Piscinas Verticales‘ was recorded live in the Summer of 2022 at Metropol Studios (SP) by Rafa Camisón; then mixed at Estudio 79 (SP) by Rafa Camisón; and mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava (SP) by Víctor García.

The album is coming out on 26th May 2023 through the collaboration between indie labels Spinda Records (SP), Lay Bare Recordings (NL), Clostridium Records (GE) and Echodelick Records (US) on the following formats: 200x standard black vinyl and 200x electric blue vinyl.


  • 01. V70
  • 02. La Emboscada
  • 03. Canción de Manuel
  • 04. Crónica Negra
  • 05. Invocación
  • 06. Boda Final / Velorio
  • 07. Hierros Viejos
  • 08. AAAAA