Get your favourite split 7″ of Grados. Minutos. Segundos.

We were tiding up our basement last weekend (trust us, you wouldn’t believe how chaotic it was) and we finally had some time to go through the stock of our back catalogue, including ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.‘ (we even found a full box of Battosai‘s debut album on CD that we thought it was sold out).

Over the last year, many of you asked us if it was possible to get specific 7″ vinyl records from the compilation boxset ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.‘ on its own… We listened to you, so we have taken the decision of splitting some boxes (not many) and sell the records separately so you can pick the ones you want, although we always says the boxset is a trip to the Spanish underground scene in a specific moment, so we strongly recommend you to get it in full – that’s your call!

We uploaded the records to the website on Saturday morning, which means that some of them are gone and a few others are nearly gone, but check them out as you might be interested. Simply click on the split vinyl below to access to product pages.