1 journey to Spain.
14 indie bands.
28 previously unreleased tracks.
12x 7″ vinyl records boxset.
Limited to 240 copies only.

Grados. Minutos. Segundos.’ is a no-return trip around the four cardinal points of the deepest underground music scenes in Spain. Thanks to a boxset full of previously unreleased tracks of 24 Spanish indie bands you’ll have the chance to understand how’s the sound of this new generation of independent musicians. You don’t want to be told about it, you want to be part of it.

The boxset is made of 12x 7″ vinyl records, being each of them shared by 2 bands with apparently no connection at all:

Split #1: MOURARonda da maruxaina” / ROSY FINCHBlack Lodge
Split #2: ADRIFTAbracadabra” + “Lush Lands” / MONDO INFIELEstigmas
Split #3: PARTÍCULALa Fosa” / MEDICINAVilo
Split #4: HABITAR LA MAREnrea” + “Ruina” / ACID MESSAlgo grita
Split #5: CRÓ!Buah” / THE DRY MOUTHSMore Oo No Fluid
Split #6: SATURNAVolver al final” / LAVERGEY.D.H.A.S.
Split #7: ATAVISMOPsicopatías del 2021” / MÍA TURBIACentro de gravedad
Split #8: SANTO ROSTRO “Annual” / CEMËNTERIEl ritmo frenético” + “El verano más corto
Split #9: THE SOULBREAKER COMPANYKill the devil (with his dick)” / DOMOAldorassa
Split #10: BATTOSAIAuténtico” + “Entiéndeme” / PYRAMIDALCosmic Sound
Split #11: HÍBRIDOLale” / KABBALAH “Dead eyes”
Split #12: ARENNAΟ​ι​δ​ί​π​ο​υ​ς 70​º​30​´​S (cuidaos del enigma)” / HERE THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING, THE CAPTAIN IS DEADAsymmetric sequence

For the artwork, we joined forces with top-class-studio The Braves Church (we’ve worked together on other releases such as Catorce, Habitar La Mar, De La Cuna A La Tumba, Ajeeb or Santo Rostro). Unique designs and concept that will make you experiencing again what a great boxset is, because “playing a vinyl is way more than listening to the music, it’s about the ritual“. ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.‘ is made by collectors for collector.s

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