Holy Hex announces new album

Fran Sánchez AKA Holy Hex hasn’t stopped writing new music since he moved from Seattle to Sevilla a few years ago. After teaming up with him for the release of ‘Behold your own back in December 2020, we couldn’t say nothing-but-yes when he gave us the call a few months ago in order to get his third studio album ‘Visions‘ out as soon as possible. The wait won’t be long, as the album will be released on December 9, 2022, with a first single coming out on November 18.

Visions‘ was recorded, mixed and mastered at La Mina (Sevilla, Spain) by Ignacio Velascos and it has an impressive artwork by Gonzalo Santana (Pylar, Plastic Woods, Orhotodox). When it comes to the editions, it will be released in both digital and compact disc (limited to 100 copies) via Spinda Records and Sacramento Records.


  1. Visions
  2. Tides
  3. Immaterial
  4. Phil
  5. Night Swimming
  6. Odd God