Laverge – new single + album preorder

Valencia alt-rockers Laverge are putting out their new album ‘Who is there to beat the ego?‘ on April 14 through a new collaboration between Carcosa Records, Spinda Records and Quebranta Records. New single “Karma” is now out; and album preorder is up and running.

After a North American tour, several changes in their line- and going through different studios and recording phases, Laverge finally managed to finish ‘Who is there to beat the ego?‘. Essentially it’s an album in which guitars and vocal melodies are key elements -you’ll quickly find yourself singing the melodies- as we’ve been able to see thanks to previous singles “Showdown“, “Sophisticated” and “Y.D.H.A.S.” (featured on our compilation boxset ‘Grados. Minutos. Segundos.‘).


Side A: 1. Showdown / 2. Sophisticated / 3. Karma / 4. Midnight talkers

Side B: 1. Y.D.H.A.S. / 2. Nothing but a fool / 3. Under the dome / 4. Seven times


Before this new album goes out on April 14, the band has decided to put out two more singles:

  • Karma” (on February 24)
  • Nothing but a fool” (on March 24)

In this new album, Víctor Moya (vocals, guitars), Aitor Mateu (drums), Ignacio Aznar (bass) and Pablo Alonso (guitars) include influences of alt-rock, post-hardcore, post-punk and even pop-rock. ‘Who is there to beat the ego?‘ is formed by 8 tracks recorded by Guillermo Sanz, Axel Rodríguez, Pau Paredes and Carlos Ortigosa.

This second LP is coming out on both digital and on a double-edition on vinyl, limited to 150 copies in standard black and 150 copies in grey marbled (exclusive for labels and band).