Les Nadie – new single + album preorder

Argentinian heavy psych duo Les Nadie released their debut album back in July 2022. Now, thanks to the collaboration between four underground labels from around the globe it will be finally available on vinyl, including two new tracks.

First of all, it’s important to mention that ‘Destierro y Siembra‘ is Juan Codne (guitars, vocals) and Rodri Deladerova (drums) first collection of songs. Originally recorded between March 2020 and July 2021 in both Argentina and Spain, this debut album has now been completed with two new tracks written in the Summer of 2022. And it is obvious that they’ve got that something that not to many bands have on a debut album when four labels from Spain, UK, USA and Australia are behind this release.

Destierro y Siembra‘ was produced by Manu Collado at Fusis Studio (Argentina); then recorded and mixed between Argentina (by Manu Collado), Spain (by Xavier Esterri at Nomad Studio) and Portugal (by Marco Lima at Hertzcontrol) between March 2021 and October 2022. Mastering took place in Portugal by Marco Lima. Artwork and layout is by Argentinian designer ZZ Corpse.

Destierro y Siembra‘ comes out on March 21, 2023 via Spinda Records (EU), in collaboration with Psychedelic Salad Records (AU), Echodelick Records (US) and Dirty Filthy Records (UK), in the following formats:

  • digital / streaming
  • 150x 180g standard black vinyl
  • 150x 180g Aside / Bside vinyl


Eight months ago, when the band self-digitally-released ‘Destierro y Siembra‘ with no promotion at all, the album managed to get a bunch of brilliant reviews by relevant website such as The Obelisk (US), La Habitación 235 (SP), Prog Rock Journal (IT), Desert Psychlist (UK) or Outlaws of the Sun (UK). They even debuted at number 24 in July 2022 Doom Charts. Only a bit more than 30 minutes of lo-fi heavy psych was enough to offer something new and different from what we normally see in South American heavy-rock scene.

[…] a marvel of the modern age […] a two headed beast from the depths of the Southern Hemisphere that will cause you to swoon in amazement and gasp in wonder […] an album that alternates between following all the usual musical rules and breaking them; it is an album that confuses as much as it enthrals but that is also its beauty; it can be a challenging listen at times but despite this always a worthwhile one […]

Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist)

But how does Les Nadie sound? There are some names that you’ll be familiar with: Melvins, Mars Red Sky, Alice In Chains, The Smashing Pumpkins, Om, Sleep, My Bloody Valentine… The album moves around heavy psych and shoegaze, but always introducing key elements of doom, sludge, stoner, grunge and even space rock.

Live session at Sábados de Cuarentena