Loma Baja joins Spinda Records!

Can you imagine a band featuring members of Adrift, El Páramo, G.A.S. Drummers, Giganto, Another Kind Of Dead and Sou Edipo? Well, that band already exists and it’s called Loma Baja.

In our family we didn’t think twice and we opened our doors to them a few months ago when they presented us their debut album ‘Piscinas verticales‘ (vertical pools), about which they tell you this:

“[…] it’s about nightmares, places that generate strange feelings and about the hidden side of things. The songs seek to generate that feeling that stays with you after having seen something weird. This album is the result of the search for a common point between four guys who come from different places and who found a place in the darkness. We like “trial and error” and this is the way we wrote ‘Piscinas verticales’, mixing elements from kraut-rock, post-punk, alt-rock, post-rock and other exotic music […]”

Loma Baja

The album will be out this Spring thanks to a collaboration between Spinda Records (ES), Lay Bare Recordings (NT), Clostridium Records (GE) and Echodelick Records (US). But do not worry as a first single is coming out very soon.

They’ll be playing on May 26 in Madrid at Sound Isidro Fest.