Loma Baja – new single + album preorder

Trust us when we tell you that it’s not easy at all to work with new talent. Nobody knows them, so why the hell websites, magazines, blogs and podcasts are going to dedicate some time to check out on them? Usually it’s because they stand out for whatever reason, and Loma Baja is not going to be an exception: they’re different. And as they guy at Solofolar said: “they’re gonna be your new favourite band“.

It’s correct the Loma Baja is formed by experienced Spanish musicians from Adrift, El Páramo, G.A.S. Drummers, Sou Edipo, Giganto and Another Kind Of Dead. It’s true that they have played 2-3 concerts already. But it’s also true that they’re a new band and we’re extremely busy in our day-to-day to discover new music. BUT the reality is that every single person who has already listened to the full album says the same: “what a record!“.

Now it’s time that you get your own impression thanks to Loma Baja‘s first single “Boda Final / Velorio“, with a video directed by Ból! Estudio (the same guy behind the album cover). Vinyl pre-order is now available through Spinda Records website or Bandcamp as well as through any of the others indie labels involved: Lay Bare Recordings (NL), Clostridium Records (GE) and Echodelic Records (US).

Boda Final / Velorio” is extracted from ‘Piscinas Verticales‘, an album whose concept goes around the idea of ​​the spontaneous and surreal, as if it were the soundtrack of your worst nightmare. Their sound goes beyond music genres -it’s post-everything-, although you can see some similarities with bands like Beak, Portishead, Fugazi, True Widow or Liars.

‘Piscinas Verticales‘ was recorded live in the Summer of 2022 at Metropol Studios (SP) by Rafa Camisón; then mixed at Estudio 79 (SP) by Rafa Camisón; and mastered at Ultramarinos Costa Brava (SP) by Víctor García.


artwork by Ból! Estudio

The album is coming out on 26th May 2023 through the collaboration between indie labels Spinda Records (SP), Lay Bare Recordings (NL), Clostridium Records (GE) and Echodelick Records (US) on the following formats: 200x standard black vinyl and 200x electric blue vinyl.


  • 01. V70
  • 02. La Emboscada
  • 03. Canción de Manuel
  • 04. Crónica Negra
  • 05. Invocación
  • 06. Boda Final / Velorio
  • 07. Hierros Viejos
  • 08. AAAAA