Maragda – new single and debut album reissue

Today, just over a year after the official release of their debut album, the Spanish band Maragda surprises everyone with the release of “The New World“, a new single included in the album reissue which is now out on a limited edition of 75 copies.

Maragda is one of those bands that managed to put out one of the most interesting albums of 2021 as far as European psychedelia and progressive is concerned, and thanks to which they managed to be featured in numerous indie publications in Spain, UK, France, Germany, US, Peru or even Australia.

After touring Spain since the end fo 2021, Maragda now goes on the road on a first EU tour, with dates in France and Belgium. After that, the band will head back to the studio, to start shaping the continuation of that brilliant debut album, which is now reissued.