MOUNDRAG joins Spinda Records

We are MOUNDRAG. We are brothers. We have no guitar and we play hard prog heavy psych. This is how Camille and Colin introduce themselves. This is how Organ Fury and Dr. Mad Drum introduce themselves, two young brothers from Brittany (France) who recover that mix of progressive rock and psychedelic rock that was born in England in the 60s. They call themselves MOUNDRAG and demonstrate that you don’t need an electric guitar to play rock n’ roll; a Hammond, a drum set and some harmonised vocals are enough for them.

From their instruments to their peculiar way of dressing, everything about them is vintage; except them, even though they seem to have returned from a psychedelic trip through the 70s.

After self-publishing a self-titled EP in 2019, recording some live sessions for the prestigious KEXP and offering more than sixty concerts throughout Europe in which there is always room for improvisation, in October 2022 they publish their first studio album ‘Hic Sunt Moundrages‘ through Dionysiac Records (Komodor, Ouzo Bazooka…). It is then that their first tour of Spain and Portugal comes along with the Portuguese agency Ya Ya Yeah (Wine Lips, Deathchant, Mars Red Sky, Solar Corona…), with very good impressions and with a stop included at the Barcelona Psych Fest, where they offered one of the best performances of the festival.

Now MOUNDRAG joins also Spinda Records family to further increase their presence in this remote corner of Europe. And what better way to start with a reissue of his studio album ‘Hic Sunt Moundrages‘ after the Summer and a new Iberian tour; and all this before his new studio albums arrives.

  1. The Hangman (07:29)
  2. Demon Race (04:11) >>> watch official video
  3. The Creation (04:40) >>> watch official video
  4. Shade in the night (04:07) >>> watch live video
  5. La Poule (20:44)