Summer sales are back to Spinda Records from 10th to 25th July; do a little bit of online digging and get some great stuff with up to 15% discount!

For the very first time since Spinda Records is in the business, we are going on annual leave and that means no emails to be checked and no plan at all apart from (obviously) spending time with family and friends, drinking tons of beer, having paella and fried fish at the local “chiringuitos“, catching up with some music readings, and lots of swimming pool and sunsets by the beach. Yes, WE ARE GOING ON HOLIDAY!

To celebrate we are running our popular accumulative discounts* from 10th to 25th July at so get ready to do a little bit of online diggin’ and get some great “mandanga” – we’ll shipped it to you as soon as we’re back to business on 27th July.

But how does it work? Simple:

1. Go to
2. Add as many things as you want to the cart
3. Get the below discounts:

  • 5% discount when buying 1 item
  • 10% discount when buying 2-3 items
  • 15% discount when buying 4-10 items

4. Your order will be shipped around 27th July (when we’ll be back to business)

*Summer sales are running between 00:00h 10/07/2020 and 23:59 25/07/2020 at Pre-order titles are not included.