Covid-19 has impacted everywhere as you already know and music industry wasn’t going to be an exception. At Spinda Records we’ve seen how all our scheduled gigs have been cancelled one after another, and honestly there’s nothing we can do right now whilst the virus is still around – health comes first! Therefore, we must get another ways of bringing cash so we can keep releasing albums and sharing music happiness. We thought it would be a great idea to give you all the chance to get some of the test pressings from our back catalogue, including titles by Viaje a 800, Bourbon, Moura and so on.

Right now they’re available for subscribers to El Sótano (check it out here) only, and all the remaining stuff will be for sale on the website tomorrow at 10am. There are not many copies, so be quick if you are one of those crazy fans who wants to get everything!!!

These is the full list test pressings:

BOURBON – Devastación (2LP)
BOURBON – Fuente Vieja
BRANT BJORK – Mankind Woman
MOCKER’S – Oreka Ahula
MOURA – Self Titled
RIP KC – Spinguölf (2LP)
VIAJE A 800 – Diablo Roto Dë… (2LP)
VIAJE A 800 – Estampida de Trombones