Dark, with a slight mossy smell, extremely loud tunes in the background and music lovers trying to speak over eachother… That’s EL SOTANO (basement in Spanish) by Spinda Records, the place you would become a regular if it was in your city but as that’s not the case this is the closer you are going to get.

So are you gonna open the door?

Be one of us, with direct access to the premiere of some of our upcoming releases, bonus tracks and digital albums. But there’s even more, you will be a key part of Spinda Records because there’s still room for you in our basement.

Open the door of EL SOTANO now and get this:

– A choice of digital or physical edition, at 3€ or 20€ respectively.
– Downloads of new releases 24 hours before release date, regardless of whether you pick a digital or physical subscription.
– Free full back catalogue from 2018 and 2019 in digital as a welcome gift – that’s 25 albums.
– 15% discount on all merchandising on our Bandcamp
– We’ll be aiming to provide as much ‘subscriber-only’ content as we possibly can. For example: exclusive tracks, b-sides, remixes, merch and releases.
– All the new music we release streaming instantly on your mobile device via the free Bandcamp app, and also available as a high-quality download in the format of your choice.
– Subscriber news feed will keep subscribers updated with our band’s latest videos and gigs announcements.
– You can cancel the subscription at any time (no fixed term!).

Opening the door of EL SOTANO directly help us fund releases by new and current bands, helping Spinda Records to continue to grow as a label and potentially expand our roster, not to mention a great way of getting into some of our bands that you wouldn’t have necessarily listened to before!

On a month where we do not release a new album, we will always provide goods/downloads from our distribution back catalogue to at least the value of a full-price on your subscription tier. We will always announce next month’s album in advance. In the event that it is not a new release, and if you already own that album, you will have the option to swap it out with another release.

Welcome to EL SOTANO, welcome to Spinda Records!