The Silver Linings joins Spinda Records

A few months ago we received some details about a new band from Malaga that was going into the studio to record their first compositions. That band is The Silver Linings, and we are so happy to have them joining our family.

However, it wasn’t until May 21 when they self-released their first EP ‘TSL‘, offering their first live performance that same night at Bon Vivant Brevery (Málaga). Since then, we haven’t stopped playing those first 4 tracks by Lolo Cortés (drums), Catarina Serer (guitar), Javi Toledano (guitar, vocals) and José Gutiérrez (bass) here at Spinda Records HQ.

The Silver Linings arrives with its own sound, which goes from both space rock and German kraut rock, with dosis of acid rock and even the beginning of Britpop; always with a British influence that takes you through three decades of music in just 20 minutes.

And for this EP, what better way than to work on the artwork together with Antonio Ramírez from Mentes de Ácido (Atavismo, Híbrido, Medicina, Bourbon, Viaje a 800, Partícula).

In the coming weeks the band will head to Hollers Analog Studio (Málaga), to shape a debut album that will be released in October of this year, and in which Marta Malinowska‘s saxophone will already be part of this very young rock band.

Do not miss out on their gig on June 30 at Velvet Club (Málaga)!

EP debut ‘TSL’ track-list:

  1. Pink Fish
  2. Pleasant Trip To The Unknown
  3. Heart Full Of Gold Live At Hollers
  4. Cosmic Excursions