The Silver Linings – new single + album pre-order

We perfectly remember when back in May 2023 Kantz (Serpiente Orión, Habitar La Mar, De La Cuna A la Tumba) and Luque (Lunavieja) sent us a message about a new band formed in Málaga (Spain). Their name was The Silver Linings, and we played their debut EP ‘TSL’ non-stop and that same day we contacted their singer and guitarist Javi Toledano to tell him that we wanted to put a full-length album out by the band… They got back to the studio and recorded a few more songs and all those tracks together will be released on 11th October under the name of ‘Pink Fish‘, although a first single “Patient M” and album pre-order are now available.

Formed in Málaga in 2021, the band members are heavily influenced by 20th century Sci-fi, the literary work of Moorcock, the illustrations of Moebius, the cinema of Tarkovski, the works of Jodorowski and beat poetry, as well as Andalusian natural landscapes such as the Torcal rocks, Gorafe desert, Bolonia dunes and the Strait of Gibraltar. Taking their musical style and the fact that they’re based in the south of Spain into account, they could be included in the New Wave Of Andalusian Psychedelia, together with bands such as Atavismo, Híbrido, Lunavieja, Medicina, Santo Rostro, Mía Turbia, Gu Vo or DMBK, although their sound -closer to acid-psych-space-kraut rock- makes us think of Causa Sui, Hawkwind or even Can.

The Silver Linings’ first full-length album ‘Pink Fish’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hollers Analog Studio and it will be out on 11/10/2023 via Spinda Records as part of label’s ‘The Trippy Series’ on both digial and a double edition on vinyl limited to 150 copies in standard black color and 150 copies in clear orange.


  • 01. Cosmic excursions
  • 02. A Pleasant Trip To The Unknown
  • 03. Pink Fish
  • 04. Patient M
  • 05. Heart Full Of Gold
  • 06. In The Fleeting Hand Of Time
  • 07. Lifeforce