Welcoming Kombynat Robotron & DUNDDW to Spinda Records

Here at Spinda Records basement we love challenges, so we don’t get bored; it’s the spicy salsa that we add to our life…

A few months ago, talking to our friend Peter Dragt of Dutch heavy psychers Bismut (by the way, there’s a new album coming after the Summer), he told us about a side project called DUNDDW that he was running with also-in-Bismut Huibert der Weduwen and Gerben Elburg (Mt. Echo) and the idea of doing a split album with German band Kombynat Robotron. This sounded risky from the very beginning as we didn’t know anything about the two bands, there were not popular at all over here in Spain; and the fact that we knew how difficult is to promote split albums as they don’t tend to do well. But it was exiting also, and that’s our leit motiv, so here we are…

This split album is all about improvisation around two different ways of understanding psychedelia. Everything has been recorded in one go, letting the songs growing as they wanted, with no limits. Kombynat Robotron features two tracks in which kraut-rock get mixed with space rock; whilst DUNDDW lost the plot with a 22-minute track (and this is only the vinyl version as they original is even longer) in which they play around the heavier side of psychedelia, getting sometimes closer to prog.

There won’t be any single or similar; you just need to wait for the album to be out, something that will happen at some point before the Summer through Spinda Records and Sunhair Music.

Kombynat Robotron